Conference schedule released

With only a few days left before the 2019 Anglican Tradition Conference begins, the schedule of talks and liturgical services has been released by the Society. Beginning with Solemn Mass on Friday evening, the conference will appropriately begin with the “source and summit” of the Christian life. Preceded by prelude music, including works by Victoria, Wesley, Willan, and Tallis, the mass will conclude with a Solemn Te Deum in thanksgiving for the tenth anniversary of Anglicanorum Coetibus.

AUC 2019 schedAfter mass there will be a reception with Cardinal Collins, an opportunity for the AC Society to thank His Eminence for his service as the Holy See’s liaison ten years ago in helping to gather Canadian Anglican groups interested in forming the ordinariate in the Dominion of Canada, the groups that now constitute the Deanery of Saint John the Baptist.

On Saturday, the liturgical highlights will be Choral Mattins, and Evensong & Benediction. There will also be remarks from Bishop Lopes, David Warren, Fr Jack Barker, and Fr Derek Cross, as well as coffee breaks, time for socializing, a lunch, and another reception. The day will conclude with conference participants retiring to a nearby pub for dinner and fellowship.

On Sunday, all those who do not have to rush back to their home cities have been welcomed to join Toronto’s ordinariate community at St Thomas More’s for our regular Sunday mass.

Registrations are still being accepted at We hope to see you there!

Bishop Lopes sends his blessing to upcoming conference

letterWe are one week out from the upcoming Conference on the Anglican Tradition in the Catholic Church, and conference organizers have received a gracious letter of welcome and blessing from Bishop Steven Lopes.

The upcoming ninth conference of the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society, to be held in thanksgiving principally for the tenth anniversary of Anglicanorum Coetibus, but also for the fortieth anniversary this coming year of St John Paul II’s Pastoral Provision, is being held in Toronto on Friday, November 15th and Saturday, November 16th.

In his letter to conference participants, Bishop Lopes highlights the gratitude that is at the centre of our conference activities and services. “We have so much for which to be grateful,” the bishop says. “We give thanks to God for the canonization of Saint John Henry Newman last month. Indeed, he is our great patron and model, himself bringing some of the best of the Anglican patrimony into the full communion of the Catholic Church.”

“In spending time with each other, in studying and discussion the traditions we hold dear, and most of all in prayer — the worship of God in the beauty of holiness — you give witness to the vitality of the Church and new expression to the diversity that is possible when we find a deeper unity of faith.”

Register for the conference now at and join all of us giving God praise and thanksgiving for the historic blessing of Anglicanorum Coetibus on its tenth anniversary. In the words of Bishop Lopes, “God’s blessings are abundant!”

Update: Both Cardinal Collins and even the Papal Nuncio on behalf of the pope have also sent us letters of blessing and welcome!

Bishop Lopes to speak at conference

SJL_Portrait_lo_resWe are delighted to announce today that Bishop Steven Lopes, bishop of the North American Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter, will be one of our speakers at the upcoming 2019 Conference on the Anglican Tradition in the Catholic Church, being held in Toronto on November 15th & 16th.

His Grace will be the first speaker of the day on Saturday, November 16th, and his talk will be immediately followed by Choral Mattins in St Michael’s Cathedral. He will also be joining us for our Mass and Solemn Te Deum on Friday evening.

Bishop Lopes needs little introduction, having been the first bishop for Catholics of the Anglican tradition since his consecration at Candlemas 2016, and having worked in the Roman Curia in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith since 2005, where he worked on ordinariate-related matters. We are most excited to have him join us, and we encourage everyone to register now.

John Henry Newman, a saint of the Anglican family

John Henry Newman, the world-renowned convert from Anglicanism and founder of the Oxford Movement, was declared a saint today by Pope Francis in Rome. He is now the first non-martyr Englishman to be canonized since the Reformation. Not only is he a confessor, he may well one day even be declared a Doctor of the Church.

6F60FE0E-5F72-4D83-B113-631D280934CDToday is a day of celebration by both Anglicans and Catholics. Prince Charles has written an article in Osservatore Romano, which was published in abbreviated form in the Times as well. As His Royal Highness writes, “As we mark the life of this great Briton, this great churchman and, as we can now say, this great saint, who bridges the divisions between traditions, it is surely right that we give thanks for the friendship which, despite the parting, has not merely endured, but has strengthened.”

Jacob Rees Mogg has an article of his own on Cardinal Newman out today, writing “The creation of a new saint is important because it keeps alive the hope of salva­tion for all.”

4A6E0DF7-0580-49C0-941D-5F3E100D9689Much has been and will be written about the life and legacy of John Henry Newman, but suffice it to say here that, for those of us Catholics of the Anglican tradition, today is a day of rejoicing as a member of our Anglican family – and patron of our cherished ordinariates through which we have become Catholic – is recognized by the Catholic Church as a saint, interceding for us in Heaven.

As Newman wrote in response to a proposal by Ambrose Philip de Lisle for an Anglican Uniate Church (akin to the Anglican ordinariates that Providence held in store), “Nothing will rejoice me more than to find that the Holy See considers it safe and promising to sanction some such plan….” Thanks be to God for the life, ministry, and ongoing influence of John Henry Newman.

Fr Jack Barker, pioneer of the Pastoral Provision

Father Jack Barker, keynote speaker at our upcoming ninth conference on the Anglican tradition in the Catholic Church, has been called by Bishop Steven Lopes of the Ordinariate a “pioneer of the Pastoral Provision”. Trained in classical piano, physics and engineering, and in Anglican seminary programs in both England and the US, Fr Barker has been involved in the Anglican movement into the Catholic Church over the decades.

barker et al

Fr Barker (left) after mass, June 29, 2014, with Fr Guzman, Mgr Steenson, Glenn Baaten, & Fr Bartus.

He attended Anglican seminary at the well-known, Anglo-catholic College of the Resurrection in Mirfield, Yorkshire. He worked on a precursor to the Apollo space program, before being ordained in the Episcopal church for ministry in southern California. He served at the Anglo-catholic parish of St Mary of the Angels in Hollywood, first as an associate and later as Rector.

Involved for years with the American Church Union under the leadership of Canon DuBois, he and others formed Anglicans United, a group of catholic Anglicans that entered into a relationship with the Holy See that ultimately helped to bring about the Pastoral Provision. Later on, Fr Barker wrote about how the Pastoral Provision came about in his fascinating “Early History of the Anglican Use”.

Fr Barker has done us a real service in recording this history of how we came to be given a “pastoral provision for former Anglicans thereby ensuring their identity and the preservation of elements of their worship” and how the Holy See would open the Catholic priesthood to “even those Anglican priests who were married.” One of the more poignant moments in that history is the passing of Canon DuBois, who died in June, 1980, “with the dream of corporate reunion yet to be realized”, but who was “individually received into the full communion of the Roman Catholic Church prior to his death. During his illness private assurances were received from Rome that the petition would be approved.”

It took a few years for the implementation of the provision to begin to be worked out, but Fr Barker led members of his congregation into the Catholic Church in 1986, after which he ran a Catholic charitable organization, studied in Catholic seminaries, and was ultimately made a Catholic priest.

Now helping with the ordinariate community of Our Lady of Grace, Fr Barker has worked closely with Mgr Steenson and Bishop Lopes since the early days of the North American ordinariate.

Further details on Father Barker’s life and many years of service to catholic-minded Anglicans, to Catholics of the Anglican tradition, and to the wider Church can be read in his biography below. Father Barker will be speaking on the Anglican tradition in the Catholic Church, its history and its potential, at our upcoming conference and we encourage everyone to register now. Spread the word!

Born in 1941 in South Dakota and raised in southern California. A graduate of Hawthorne High School with highest honors. Bachelor’s in Physics from the College of Letters and Science at U.C.L.A. in 1963. He is trained in classical piano.

Under the sponsorship of a South African Anglican bishop, he attended Anglican Seminary at the College of the Resurrection in Mirfield, Yorkshire, England beginning in 1963. He received the General Ordination Examination certificate of the Church of England in 1965.

Because of the political realities in South Africa at the time it was recommended that he return to Los Angeles rather than be ordained and work in the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman. He applied to the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles and continued studies at Bloy Episcopal School of Theology. During this time he worked as an engineer in the Space Program at Hughes Aircraft on Project Surveyor, a precursor to Apollo Moon landings.

In 1970 he was ordained Deacon and then priest by Rt. Rev. Francis Eric Bloy at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral in Los Angeles. In the Fall of 1970 he was asked by Rev. James Jordan, jr. to come to St. Mary of the Angels as an associate and continue as a “worker-priest.” In early 1971 Father Jordan died suddenly of a massive heart attack. He was eventually installed as the Third Rector by Rt. Rev. Robert Claflin Rusack the Coadjutor bishop of the LA diocese.

From the beginning at St. Mary’s he became involved with the American Church Union (ACU) which was under the direction of its famous Executive Director Rev. Canon Albert Julius DuBois, affectionately known as “Mr. Catholic” in the Episcopal Church. Following the Minneapolis General Convention of 1976 he and Fathers Barker and Brown formed “Anglicans United” to lead the way in finding a new home for catholic minded Episcopalians.

The AU represented many former Episcopal parishes throughout the USA. Canon DuBois was invited to Rome for conversations about the possibility of former Episcopalians entering into full communion with the Catholic Church. He had a heart attack and Fathers Barker and Brown went in his stead.

Finally in 1986 many members of St. Mary of the Angels together with 100% of St Matthias formed a new combined parish and where all were received into the Catholic Church at a single Mass celebrated by a Roman Catholic priest who was part of what was known then as the Pastoral Provision. The remaining congregation at St. Mary’s became a part of the continuing Anglican movement.

Father Barker went on to run Catholic Charities in Nevada for two years and in 1989 was accepted into the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Bernardino where he attended the local seminary for one year of orientation and then two years of graduate level studies at St Patrick’s Pontifical Seminary in Menlo Park, California. He received the Masters in Divinity in 1992 and was ordained a priest for the Diocese of San Bernardino by Most Rev. Philip Straling the first bishop of that diocese.

He served two years as an assistant at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary and was pastor for nine years at St. Francis of Assisi in la Quinta; finally, he served twelve years at St Martha’s in Murrieta.

After a year and a half of candidacy he made his vows as an Oblate of the Order of Saint Benedict with the Abbey of St. John’s in St. Cloud, Minnesota. He is now retired in Murrieta and provides supply services to local Latin Rite parishes and helps at Our Lady of Grace Ordinariate Community. At the invitation first of Monsignor Steenson and then of Bishop Lopes, he has been in attendance at all the annual clergy gatherings of the Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter and serves as their confessor.

Further information on our upcoming conference can be found here.

New keynote: Fr Jack Barker to headline our Toronto conference

The AC Society is delighted to announce that Fr Jack Barker will be the keynote speaker at our upcoming conference on the Anglican tradition in the Catholic Church this November 15th & 16th in Toronto, Ontario.

IMG_0156Fr Barker, one of the first few Pastoral Provision priests in the world, is one of the pioneers of the Anglican tradition movement in the Catholic Church and currently serves the ordinariate in southern California.

On hearing of his confirmation as our keynote speaker, Bishop Lopes expressed his appreciation, saying “I have known Fr Jack Barker for years. Without a doubt, he is a pioneer of the Pastoral Provision not only in his own personal journey of faith, but in the great deal of work he did with the Holy See in making that Provision possible. He will have a wonderful story to share!”

Fr Barker is a fitting choice to deliver the keynote at our upcoming Toronto conference in thanksgiving for ten years of Anglicanorum Coetibus and forty years of the Pastoral Provision. He, along with others like Fr Christopher Phillips (whom we had initially hoped would also be a speaker), played a foundational role both in the talks that led to the Pastoral Provision and in our continuing efforts to preserve the Anglican tradition and common identity in the Catholic Church.

A dynamic speaker with a great sense of humour, Fr Barker has been well-known in Anglo-Catholic and ordinariate circles for decades, and is highly respected by both his fellow clergy and the faithful who have been blessed by his ministry.

We will have more to report about Fr Barker’s participation soon, as well as more information on our other conference speakers. We will also soon post some suggestions regarding accommodation and we have had a few people come forward to offer sponsorships to help people attend. Further news will be posted in the coming days, but register now!

Update on conference speakers

We’re pleased to see the increasing interest in our 2019 Conference on the Anglican Tradition in the Catholic Church in Toronto November 15th & 16th. Please register as early as you can to secure a spot. It is going to be an exciting time of beautiful liturgies, great talks, and opportunities for fellowship with fellow ordinariate members and other Catholics interested in our Anglican patrimony.

We have some very exciting news about our keynote speaker that we will reveal in the coming days. [Updated: the keynote news can be found here] Unfortunately, Fr Christopher Phillips, our original keynote, has had to send his regrets. As he has commented on his facebook page, “I thought I’d be able to take part in the Anglicanorum Coetibus conference in Toronto, but alas, I’ve decided I’m not going to be able to make the trip. I know there will be some who will be disappointed, but believe me, if I felt able to travel I would. After a tough year, including some time in the hospital, I realize I’m just not up to doing it. Please… know that I’m grateful for your understanding and prayers..” We are disappointed that he won’t be able to speak at the upcoming conference, as we had initially hoped.


Fr Phillips is a highly respected figure in the ordinariate community and is much loved in Canada, having been a source of great encouragement to our congregations when the ordinariate was still in formation. He was also a speaker at the Mississauga conference on the ordinariate hosted by Cardinal Collins back in 2011. We wish Fr Phillips all the best and thank him for his ongoing support for the Society, the ordinariates, and the Anglican patrimony.

With all that said, we are delighted to have confirmed a new keynote speaker and we will be making a full announcement along with further details in the coming days. Stay tuned!

Conference details announced & registrations open!

AUC 2019 brandDetails have been announced for the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society’s upcoming 2019 Conference on the Anglican Tradition in the Catholic Church, taking place this November 15th & 16th in Toronto, Ontario, and registrations are now open!

It is our privilege to be able to hold our three solemn choral liturgies for the conference at St Michael’s Cathedral Basilica in downtown Toronto. The conference sessions will be held at St Michael’s Choir School, right across from the Cathedral.

The conference will be anchored by the celebration of solemn choral liturgies, taking place at the Archdiocese of Toronto’s beautiful and newly-restored St Michael’s Cathedral:

  • Solemn Mass & Te Deum, Friday, November 15th, 7pm
  • Choral Mattins, Saturday, November 16th, 10am
  • Choral Evensong & Benediction, Saturday, November 16th, 3:30pm

There will be a reception on the Friday night, and plenty of time to socialize and interact. On Sunday, November 17th, for those who can stay, we will join Toronto’s Ordinariate parish, St Thomas More, for their regular 12:30pm Sunday Choral Mass.

As originally announced back in June, the Society is hosting this conference to mark the 10th anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s apostolic constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus, which created personal ordinariates for Catholics of the Anglican tradition. This will be our primary expression of thanksgiving for what God has given us over these past ten years, and a historic occasion to meet and reconnect with fellow ordinariate members, local Catholics, and others of the Anglican tradition.

Registrations are open now! Please visit to register, and see our conference website at for further updates.

2019 Conference on the Anglican Tradition announced

The Anglicanorum Coetibus Society has just announced in the latest issue of our journal that the next conference on the Anglican tradition in the Catholic Church will be happening this November 15th & 16th in Toronto, Canada.

AUC 2019 teaserAccompanied by an article detailing the history of the Anglican Use conferences hosted by the Society in previous years, the announcement in both the journal and on the Society website makes clear that this conference will be our main celebration of the tenth anniversary of the promulgation of Pope Benedict XVI’s apostolic constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus, which introduced to the world the personal ordinariate for Catholics of the Anglican tradition.

Further details will be posted in due course on the Society’s webpage dedicated to our annual conferences, but it will feature speakers on the Anglican tradition, time for socializing and getting to know everyone, and three choral liturgies that will be our prime expression of thanksgiving, including the singing of a Solemn Te Deum.

As the Anglican ordinariate community looks to the future, we can never forget what Pope Benedict did for us. But the full consequences of his bold move will continue to unfold over future generations. This conference is an opportunity both to celebrate this anniversary and to explore what the future has in store for the Anglican tradition and our community.

For as we know well, in entering the Catholic Church our future has finally been secured. Thanks be to God for what he has done for us, and let’s celebrate together in Toronto this November!

New issue of our journal on the Anglican patrimony

We’re pleased to announce that the latest issue of Shared Treasure (née Anglican Embers) is being sent out within the next few days. This will be Volume IV, No. 9, and it contains some important pieces, including some news that the Society is announcing about an upcoming conference.

img_6002The biggest piece in the issue, and certainly the most important, is the latest paper written by Professor Hans-Jürgen Feulner, who was a key member of the Anglicanae Traditiones Inter-dicasterial Commission that the Holy See established a few years ago to produce the liturgical books of Divine Worship that are used by the Ordinariates. Dr Feulner takes a look at the establishment of Divine Worship: The Missal and examines its inner structure and character, while raising some fascinating possibilities for future developments of the Catholic Church’s Anglican patrimonial liturgy.

This new issue also includes excerpts from the writings of John Keble and J. R. R. Tolkien on the Annunciation. There is news included from both the Ordinariates and the Society, an analysis of the latest revision made by the Holy See to the Complementary Norms governing the life of the Ordinariates, and the latest installment of the Rev. W. Chave McCracken’s 1959 analysis of Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll’s Left Hand (or the Religious Symbolism of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland).

This latest issue has been sent out electronically to Society members and is available to them for download on the Society website. Hard copies are being mailed to journal subscribers and should arrive soon.

The work that goes into producing the Society’s Journal depends on the support of Society supporters, and for their support we are most grateful. We’re excited to get our copies!