Ordinariate Newsletter: 10th Sunday after Trinity

In this issue, while parishes are finishing their celebration of the Assumption (or the Feast of St. Magnus), we include other news from around the Ordinariate–that will come next Sunday! This includes a profile of Mount Calvary’s bus ministry, information on the St. Benet Biscop Oblates Chapter, and news about the ACS website. Fr. Scharbach of Mount Calvary also generously allowed a transcription of his homily from 2 weeks ago, which moved many listeners, to be included here.

Has your parish not appeared? Is there a ministry or good event you think should have appeared but hasn’t? We haven’t heard from you! We are eager to highlight good work around the Ordinariate. Send an email to ordinariatenewsletter@outlook.com (and do the same if you’d like to receive the newsletter by email). If you’ve benefited from this newsletter, please consider donating $2 an issue to the Seminarian Fund. And please feel free to print and distribute this newsletter. Happy Sunday!

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