Ordinariate Newsletter: 8th Sunday after Trinity

In this fifth issue, in addition to briefer notes on different exciting events coming up in the next few weeks, we include a note from John Covert on his Cycle of Prayer, a description of the Minnesota Ordinariate’s latest event, a homily excerpt by Fr. Catania of St. Barnabas, and more. It’s been 5 issues! Have you donated? If you’ve benefited from this newsletter, please prayerfully consider donating $2 an issue to the Seminarian Fund. And please feel free to print and distribute this newsletter. Happy Sunday!

Has your parish not appeared? Is there a ministry or good event you think should have appeared but hasn’t? We haven’t heard from you! We are eager to highlight good work around the Ordinariate. Send an email to ordinariatenewsletter@outlook.com using the form below (and do the same if you’d like to receive the newsletter by email).

Note: The proper link to view or purchase the Catholic Cycle of Prayer, produced by John Covert, is simply http://www.walsinghampublishing.com/cycle/ (not the longer link, embedded in the newsletter).

2 thoughts on “Ordinariate Newsletter: 8th Sunday after Trinity

  1. I have sent a few articles to you in the past weeks, NOT one has been printed, I understood you were after some articles for inclusion in your weekly letters. THANK YOU, BILL H.


  2. The growth of the St. Alban community in Rochester, NY, is truly awesome, and bodes very well for that congregation’s future. I pray that God will guide other congregations of all three ordinariates to take a similar approach to outreach that will lead to similar growth! It’s not about numbers for the sake of numbers, but a community does need a critical mass of membership to ensure its long-term stability.



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