The Ordinariate in Bethlehem

Bethlehem city in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania will soon be home to a renewed Ordinariate mission. In their recent newsletter St. Thomas More Parish of Scranton, PA announced:

Holy Ghost Parish Church, Bethlehem, PA

New Name, Location, & Priest for Mission Congregation

We are pleased to announce that Bishops Lopes and Schlert (of our Ordinariate and the Diocese of Allentown, respectively) have identified a new home for the congregation: the stunningly beautiful Holy Ghost Catholic Church in Bethlehem; moreover, worship will recommence with the Bishop’s visit at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 16, and will proceed thereafter every week at that time.

What’s more, by that time the group will have prayerfully selected a new name for itself, and will also be under the new leadership of the newly ordained Fr. Matthew Hummel. Fr. Hummel hails from our sister Parish to the south, St. John the Baptist, Bridgeport (PA), from which he will travel north to minister to the mission congregation in Bethlehem. All of these developments portend an exciting future for our outpost in the Lehigh Valley!

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About Mark J. Kelly

Mark J. Kelly is a Teacher and Writer. In over 30 years of military service (20 Active, 10 Reserve) he has instructed civilians and military on five continents. He teaches at Maria Kaupas Academy, a classical school administered by St. Thomas More, the Ordinariate parish in Scranton, PA. Mr. Kelly has published numerous print articles and media content concerning history, culture, biblical typology, and theology. His current study is concentrated upon, "The Influence of John Henry Newman and the Oratory upon J.R.R. Tolkien."

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