Ordinariate News: 6th Sunday after Trinity

In this third issue, we cover Bishop Lopes’ visit to St. Barnabas, the commemoration of St. Bonosa at Our Lady and St. John’s, and more. In the coming weeks, we hope to have more on different initiatives from around the Ordinariate. Happy Sunday!

We need volunteers! Are you willing to write a brief profile of your community, or report on good news in your parish? Would you consider writing about your parish’s unique ministries or liturgical notes? Do you want to sign up to receive the newsletter by email? Send us an email at ordinariatenewsletter@outlook.com. And please feel free to print and distribute this newsletter.

Please consider donating $2 to the Seminarian fund if you’ve enjoyed reading it! Until next Sunday.

The file was updated with some minor corrections Monday morning. And more Monday afternoon: a reader pointed out that Bishop Lopes’ reception was probably in the “Parish house”, not the “Pariah house”! Thank you for bearing with us as we get this off the ground, and thank you for all corrections.

2 thoughts on “Ordinariate News: 6th Sunday after Trinity

  1. “…by every word from the mouth of *gone*.” in the sermon summary, I feel that this may be a typographical error.


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