A New Ordinariate Newsletter

As the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter continues to grow, it becomes easy to miss the exciting work occurring at parishes and communities scattered across two countries. This is the first issue of a new weekly newsletter intended to counter that, which will be hosted on the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society website, covering news from around the Ordinariate. It will help highlight the unique development of different communities, provide some material from the wider English patrimony, and provide some basic aids to para-liturgical prayer in the Ordinariate. It will also act as a fundraiser for diocesan collections: readers are encouraged to donate $2 an issue to the current diocesan collection (now the seminarian fund).

This initial issue should give a clear example of the newsletter’s intention, despite missing parts that we hope to appear regularly. Because this will be produced and published free of charge, submissions of material will be critical. Are you willing to submit a profile of your community? Is there a unique liturgical feature of your community that you’d like to highlight? Does your priest post his homilies online, and would he be willing to see excerpts published here? Are there events your community runs that you’d like to see here? Please send submissions, suggestions, and criticisms to ordinariatenewsletter@outlook.com. Also, if you are interested in receiving the newsletter by email, please send an email to that address.

We hope that, as it takes shape, this will serve as encouragement and an aid to prayer for parishioners in the Ordinariate. Until next week, God bless!

7 thoughts on “A New Ordinariate Newsletter

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  2. This is an undertaking that is long overdue.

    It would be really beneficial if a member of the newsletter staff can coordinate with the chancery to publish reassignments of clergy, changes in status of ordinariate congregations (a “community in formation” becoming a mission or a mission becoming a parish, for example), progress on the development of ordinariate liturgy, etc., in a timely manner. For too long, I have often learned of such developments from a rather rogue blog, the author of which seems to have rather dubious motivations and a propensity for scandal-mongering that clearly does not exemplify Christian charity — and I suspect that many ordinariate members are monitoring that blog for the same reason because the information does not seem to exist in any other public forum.



    • Agreed! Charting that will go a long way to highlighting the genuine growth the Ordinariate is experiencing every year (though for now relying on news from the local level). The last few times the Ordinariate has entered Catholic news, it’s been to highlight parish troubles–barring Peter Smith’s fantastic updates on the National Catholic Register. Surely there’s a place for more positive news along the line he’s set!


  3. Meanwhile, the UK Friends of the Ordinariate summer newsletter informs us that the Friends have contributed £11000 towards the production of the Divine Worship – Daily Office, matched by a similar sum from the Australian Ordinariate. Is this the first we’ve heard of progress towards an ‘official’ Office Book? Does anyone out there know anything more about this – projected publication date etc? It would be good to know!


    • I’m unaware currently of any formal news beside that, though there is currently a draft office used at the POCSP Cathedral for the public Office, as well as optionally by Ordinariate priests. If I remember correctly, POLSC briefly put a draft office for print-by-demand on Lulu, though they have since taken it down. I’m glad to hear that funding is coming through: the office book will be a great blessing to Ordinariate members!


  4. An important factor will be not only the publication of the information in question but a clear association of same with the ACS. This latter factor will encourage more people to join the ACS as well as to renew their membership. Related to this would be using the newsletter also to sum up what the ACS is doing/has done lately/what to watch out for. I say this as the co-manager of a devotional society (including its newsletter) with a background in association management and growth. The newsletter is off to a good start as a conveyance of information supportive of the Ordinariate!


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