Fr Barker on how Anglicans got an ordinariate

The remarks by Fr Jack Barker at our recent Anglican Tradition Conference this past November can now be viewed online on both Facebook and YouTube.

img_0156One of the pioneers of the Pastoral Provision and the Anglican Use and a participant in the discussions between Anglicans and the Holy See as far as as the 1970s, Fr Barker’s talk was the third at our Toronto conference this past November. Society VP Clara Chung read the remarks on behalf of Father Barker, who for health reasons was unable to attend in person.

Entitled Behind the Petition: A Brief Account of How Anglicans Received Ordinariate Status, the talk surveyed the dialogue that sought “to help complete our hopes for a special status for groups of Anglicans in the Catholic Church, to wit: the Ordinariate.” The discussions and prayers met with success, and “An Anglican Use Liturgy was also approved for use in Anglican Use Parishes that were established in various parts of the country.” Later on, they achieved “the creation of a jurisdictional entity that would allow them to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church while retaining… the common elements of their Anglican identity that they sought to preserve…”

claraNoting that “the “continuing” church movement was to be used by God later to help complete our hopes,” Father Barker recounts numerous informative, insightful, and even humorous anecdotes. On a visit to Rome, one Cardinal remarked “Ah, the sweet English tongue…I often said to my brethren why translate the liturgy into English when the Anglicans have already done such an excellent job with their beautiful Prayer Book.”

Ultimately the many years of dialogue and prayer yielded the fruit we celebrate and for which we had all assembled in thanksgiving. “It took thirty years but thanks to the influx of many new persons to this Anglican-Catholic reunion we now have Ordinariate jurisdictions in England, Australia and the US and more perhaps to come. Deo Gratias.”


Here is the YouTube video:

If you haven’t already seen them, you’ll also want to watch the videos previously posted of the talks by Bishop Lopes and David Warren, as well as of our Solemn High Mass and Choral Mattins. In the near future we will be posting the talk by Fr Derek Cross of the Oratory and our service of Choral Evensong and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. Stay tuned!

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