Podcast on evangelization through education with Sr. Thomas Aquinas


Sr. Thomas Aquinas is a Dominican sister who serves in the chancery of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Walsingham in Houston Texas.   She is director of a project to develop a Catholic high school near the cathedral.

Earlier this year, I interviewed her for a podcast on education as a tool for evangelization.  In our discussion, she highlights Bishop Steven Lopes’ vision regarding Catholic education, a vision that is inspiring several parishes in the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter to offer Catholic education of some form to their local communities.

You can find the podcast here.   Enjoy!    Soon, we will also have a podcast up with Catalina Brand, director of the cathedral’s The Holy House Academy, a home education enrichment program that she tells me was still operating, though online, through the pandemic.    Many other parishes in North America are also running home school enrichment programs, though they have had to adapt under pandemic restrictions.  It’s exciting what is being done to evangelize a new generation into the Catholic faith and at the same time impart the beauties of our liturgical tradition.

St. Barnabas Catholic Church in Omaha, Nebraska already runs a high school, and I’m told St. Barnabas Academy has continued to offer courses.   At their site, they have posted Bishop Lopes four pillars of Catholic education. Have a look!

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