Choral Mattins at our 2019 Anglican Tradition Conference

DSC_6019-sOn the morning of Saturday, November 16th, the participants in our Conference on the Anglican Tradition in the Catholic Church crossed the street to pray mattins in Toronto’s St Michael’s Cathedral. The video is now online and can be viewed on Facebook or on YouTube.

The service was a great opportunity for our community to experience choral mattins in a true Cathedral setting with a crowd larger than our usual parish gatherings, and with a splendid ensemble of musicians. The service was preceded by prelude music sung by the choir, namely the Stanford in B-flat Jubilate. The preces & responses were in Anglican chant from the Canadian Psalter, as were the psalms. The canticles included the Venite in Anglican chant, the Te Deum in Vaughan Williams’ G major setting, and Stanford’s Benedictus in C.

The anthem was the epic O Praise the Lord by Healey Willan, composed for a previous generation’s gathering of Anglicans in Toronto at the Anglican Congress of 1963, which was held at Toronto’s famous Maple Leaf Gardens. On that occasion, held while the Catholic Church was still engaged in the sessions of the Second Vatican Council, about 17,000 representatives of the Anglican Communion from all around the world, including Archbishop of Canterbury Michael Ramsey, came together to discuss the mission of Anglican Christianity.

Screenshot (491)-cComing to our service of Choral Mattins, held on the margins of the Society’s ninth conference on the Anglican tradition in the Catholic Church, those in the congregation had just heard Bishop Steven Lopes speak about the mission, and identity, of the ordinariate. While the Anglican Communion has suffered severe decline since 1963, the ordinariate, a Catholic church in the Anglican tradition formed of Anglicans who have entered into full communion with the successors of St Peter, bears a hope of future growth. Our trust is in the Lord, and we will build our future on the sure foundation of the Catholic faith.

Watch the video here:

1 thought on “Choral Mattins at our 2019 Anglican Tradition Conference

  1. Quite glorious. A great and beautiful example of the traditional Anglican rite. I don’t know why the officiant is wearing a stole ; it’s not a sacramental action, which the stole usually indicates ; it’s just a thought ?


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