Save the date! Pilgrimage May 3-14, 2020


From May 3 to 14, 2020 there will be a pilgrimage from North America to the United Kingdom and Italy as part of Anglicanorum coetibus 10th anniversary celebrations.

More information on registration and further details will be available later this month, but what I know so far is this:  the pilgrimage will include stops in Oxford, Norwich, Walsingham and London.

In London, pilgrims from America will meet up with pilgrims from the UK and Australia.  Then the three groups will go to Rome.

And, a reminder about Symposium 2019 taking place Oct. 15 in Rome, an academic conference that will examine the liturgical, historical, ecumenical and canonical implications of Anglicanorum coetibus now that it is ten years old (as of November this year).

Symposium 2019 is free of charge but you must register and spaces are limited.  It would also be a good idea to book accommodation in Rome.  You can find details about the Symposium here.

Of course, everyone awaits news on when Blessed John Henry Newman will be canonized.  I am hoping it takes place either Oct. 13 or the following weekend, so I have planned my stay to include both of them just in case.




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