The Anglican Patrimony is for all English-speaking Catholics–Shane Schaetzel

Shane Schaetzel, a former director on the board of the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society, apologist, blogger and member of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter community in Republic, Missouri, believes Anglican Patrimony is the heritage of all English-speaking Catholics, not just those who are former Anglicans and members of the Ordinariates.

For Shane, our patrimony is a key to revival and renewal of the Catholic faith in the Anglosphere.   He has post up at his Complete Christianity blog that lays out key steps anyone can take to incorporate this patrimony in their lives to deepen their conversion and better evangelize.

He writes: 

To be clear, when we say “Anglican Patrimony” we are not talking about Anglicanism. Rather, we are talking about the English spiritual heritage that was originally Catholic, but continued after the English Reformation under Anglicanism for five centuries, before it was reunited with Rome in 1980 under Pope Saint John Paul II’s “Anglican Use Pastoral Provision” and then expanded under Pope Benedict XVI’s Apostolic Constitution entitled Anglicanorum Coetibus (Latin: Groups of Anglicans). Today, this Anglican Patrimony, now fully readopted back into the Catholic Church, is manifested in three personal ordinariates around the world, a fully developed Missal and Office, along with an accompanying spirituality that is deep in English heritage. Any Catholic may be enriched by this, especially English-speaking Catholics, and it was Pope Benedict XVI’s expressed will that the Anglican Patrimony be returned to the Catholic Church as a spiritual gift for all Catholics.

Many of my readers have expressed to me a desire to return to the traditional Catholic spirituality of the Anglican Patrimony. I have provided below everything one needs to accomplish a deeper connection to that heritage, regardless if one is eligible for ordinariate membership or not.

Shane offers some suggestions of simple steps for anyone interested in this patrimony to get started.   Go on over and read the whole post!


2 thoughts on “The Anglican Patrimony is for all English-speaking Catholics–Shane Schaetzel

  1. “Read the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society blog. For those who want to stay current and up to speed with all things concerning the Anglican Patrimony within the Catholic Church, this blog has it all”. If your idea of staying “current and up to speed” includes actual news, like ordinations or important events in Ordinariate communities outside Ottawa, ON, however, don’t bother checking the blog, because news-gathering has been explicitly rejected as part of its function Don’t look to the OCSP website, for that matter, or for any print source from the OCSP. It’s been well over a year since the last appearance of the Ordinariate Observer. “This Week in English Catholic History” seems headed for a reboot as “This Month…” I could go on, but you get the idea.


  2. In my opinion his advice of “Go do ordinariate stuff” is about as complex as a crackerjack box. It appears as though he is not actually encouraging the English Speaking world to readopt English Catholicism, he is just telling us to go join the ordinariate. This is horribly unhelpful.


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