University of Vienna announces new research focus on Anglican liturgy in the Catholic Church

The Anglican liturgy in the Catholic Church is to be the subject of a new research focus of the Catholic Theological Faculty at the University of Vienna, it was announced this week.

img_5786The academic project will be led by Professor Hans-Jürgen Feulner, a specialist in liturgy who has long had a great interest in the Anglican tradition. Prof. Feulner was a member of the Holy See’s Anglicanae Traditiones Commission that compiled the Divine Worship missal and has been further integrating the Anglican tradition into the liturgical life of the Catholic Church.

While this prestigious and ancient university’s deepening focus on our Anglican liturgy is of interest to all Catholics of the Anglican tradition, such academic interest in our rite will prove of particular importance to our priests. In fact, multiple priests from the various ordinariates are just now beginning doctoral-level studies as part of this new program.

It is only fitting that a new academic interest in the Anglican form of the Western Rite kicks off with a liturgical celebration in that rite, and so an Anglican Use Mass will be held this Sunday, November 11th, at 5:30pm in the Vienna Minoritenkirche.

An Austrian Catholic media outlet has reported on the news (German-language), a simple online-translated English version of which can be read below.

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