Prayer requests sought for Pilgrimage

Bishop Steven Lopes of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter is leading a pilgrimage to the Holy Land Oct. 2-12.

Joining him will be six Ordinariate priests and 95 faithful.

“The spiritual benefits of the pilgrimage need not be restricted to those actually making the trip,” said a note from the chancery.  “The Bishop and Ordinariate clergy will carry the intentions of the whole Ordinariate on pilgrimage and offer Mass each day at the various shrines for those intentions.”

“All Priests are invited to collect prayer intentions from their faithful and send them to the Bishop for inclusion in the Holy Land Pilgrimage.  Please email Laurie Miller ( your prayer intentions by September 28 so she has enough time to collate them for the pilgrims.”

What are your prayer requests?   My prayer request is for the ordinaries, the priests and the faithful to be beacons of holiness and deep Catholic faith in a time of trouble and uncertainty facing the Church.

I hope some Society members will be along on the pilgrimage and will send me photos to post here.

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