A Warning from the Church of England


Archibald Tait - Attacks upon the Reformation faith (1)

Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman was one of the leaders of the Oxford Movement which helped restore Anglo-Catholicism, or Catholicism in the English spiritual tradition.

Anglican does not always mean Protestant: Anglo-Catholics are in the Anglican Communion (but slowly being pushed out), in the ‘Eastern’ Orthodox Churches (Western Rite Orthodoxy) and in the Catholic Church as the Personal Ordinariates of: Chair of St Peter (USA & Canada), Our Lady of Walsingham (UK) and Our Lady of the Southern Cross (Australia and Japan).

The Ordinariates use Divine Worship, which is an Anglo-Liturgy for the Anglo-sphere: celebrated in great dignity using the finest ceremonial English. It is often mislabeled “The Extra-ordinary Form in English” as both draw from ancient Western Liturgy.

If you want to know more watch This Holy Faith: Being Anglican in the Catholic Church


3 thoughts on “A Warning from the Church of England

  1. I’m part of what is called the Anglican Continuum. My Church is in the APA,but I consider myself Catholic,just not Roman. I do recognize he Bishop of Rome and perhaps even would say he has a preeminence in the Western Church. Roman Catholic are certainly my Brothers and Sisters,as are Eastern Orthodox. I wish so for the Church to be reunited completely. I think in many cases our Protestant Brothers are mistaken. God bless you for this post.


    • Okay, I’m confused. When it comes to Christian unity, the Catholic Church clearly is the proverbial elephant in the room — Christian unity cannot occur clearly without her, and she will be the overwhelming majority of the membership in a united body.

      So now that the Bishop of Rome has made it possible for parishes to come into the Catholic Church with their clergy and to retain their distinctly Anglican customs, heritage, and patrimony, why does somebody who “wishes the Church to be reunited completely” (your words…) not embrace this opportunity? Why continue to sustain a small “continuing Anglican” body?



      • The answer is fairly obvious, I should think: they reject the Vatican I “papal dogmas.” Even if so, however, tiny splinter groups purporting to continue post-1559 “Anglican Nonpapal Catholicism” would seem to be a futile project, so why not become Orthodox. Perhaps the answer there is that they believe in the “Anglican Branch Theory” of a divisible church – a notion rejected by Catholics, Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox anti-Chalcedonians alike and together.

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