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David Mills, speaking for himself

David Mills, a former Anglo-Catholic, who crossed the Tiber 17 years ago has a piece up at Crux entitled Newcomers to the Church Should Listen More and Speak Less that continues what many perceive as the “convert bashing” that began … Continue reading

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News on upcoming meeting in Australia

The Catholic Leader in Australia has an advance story on the upcoming patronal festival of Our Lady of the Southern Cross at the end of this month: Monsignor Keith Newton, of the Ordinariate in the United Kingdom, Bishop Steven Lopes, … Continue reading

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Why Anglo-Catholics don’t join the Ordinariate in England

The Catholic Herald has an article by Andrew Sabisky explaining why High Church Anglo-Catholics in the Church of England do not join the Ordinariate¬† First, the system of alternative episcopal oversight allows our parishes to place themselves under the supervision … Continue reading

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Our Mohawk Ordinariate community gets a mention in the National Catholic Register and on Facebook

The photo is from one posted on Facebook by Jane Hodgins, wife of Father John Hodgins of St. Thomas More Parish in Toronto after he celebrated Mass at Christ the King community’s Royal Chapel at Tyendinaga Mohawk Reserve in late … Continue reading

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An ecumenism of hate? Hardly!

Shane Schaetzel a board member and webmaster of the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society has written a response to the La Civilta Cattolica article by Fr. Spadaro and Presbyterian Pastor Figueroa that closely reflects my experience of Evangelicals and Catholics working together … Continue reading

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Fr. Longenecker axes Branch Theory

Over at the National Catholic Register, Fr. Dwight Longenecker, a former Anglican clergyman but non-Ordinariate Catholic priest, takes the ax to Branch Theory, the idea the Anglican Church was a branch of One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church like the … Continue reading

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Deliverance and the Daily Offices

I write in this post of the influence Neil Anderson’s The Bondage Breaker and Freedom in Christ ministries had on me, but there is one thing I would like to add about the effect his teaching had on me. In … Continue reading

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