Patronal Festival in Australia

A great event coming up!  I would love to be able to attend this.  I am a big Tracey Rowland fan.  If on those occasions where the Vatican decides it wants to seek out women theologians and scholars, why aren’t they all of her competence and orthodoxy?

Any Australian readers attending this and want to blog about it or send me a report and some photos I can post?  Put in a comment and I’ll keep your details private.


3 thoughts on “Patronal Festival in Australia

  1. HELLO DEBORAH, Yes, I am looking forward to the celebrations here in Brisbane, in fact it was only yesterday that I booked my transport into Brisbane for the respective events. I am sorry that I will not be able to attend the Sydney part of the celebrations. Anyway, lets all pray that the Holy Spirit will shower many, many graces on this wonderful celebration for our Australian Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross. BILL H.


  2. I note that a congregation has re-emerged in Sydney in January of this year after a hiatus following the death of Fr Warren Wade in 2015.


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